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A Poem by Surbhi Anand: "Choose Your Name"

August 20, 2017







 "Choose your name"



       Wash your lime, peel yourself 
                  Be blue gem 
          Never be in hot pursuit
          O blunt, lopsided smile! 
    Your spirit has muster for yourself 
                 So, make a bid 
           Sow your peace seed 
           Then you will sound 
            By your fruit name 


           ©®surbhi anand. 




Surbhi Anand is a young poetess from the city of Patna, in Bihar (India). She has completed her MSC and is preparing for competitive exams. 

Her hobbies are singing, painting, and photography. She is a contributing poetess for an English anthology and a Hindi anthology, and loves to

express her feelings through writing.

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