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Poem by Hiromi Yoshida

February 11, 2020



                                              The Robin  



   Sunglinting wheel of whirring wings—

           the robin bathes in the shallow pothole’s muddy water,


   the storm’s pock-marked consequence. Jeweled

   droplets drip from wing

                         tips and beak, continuous whir of frustrated wings—


   till it decides to fly away over glistening rooftops

                               toward invisible bodies of water—


                                              horizons dripping storm-washed promises.







Hiromi Yoshida has been recognized as one of Bloomington, Indiana’s “finest and most outspoken poets,” and was a semi-finalist for the 2018 Wilder Series Poetry Book Prize. Her poems have been published in literary magazines and journals that include Indiana Voice Journal, The Indianapolis Review, Flying Island, The Asian American Literary Review, Anima Magazine, and The Rain, Party, & Disaster Society. Hiromi loves to contemplate the oddities of life, such as mismatched buttons, abandoned houses, and birdsong in thunderstorms.

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