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Three Poems by Scott Thomas Outlar: "When Fire Meets Flesh", "Igniting Intention&quot

Holy Spirit Fire Flare/J. Pickett

When Fire Meets Flesh

There is holiness

in the heat

that pours

through the sky

with beams of light

from heaven.

This sun

is no fireball

of hell,

but a sure sign

of hope, health,

and harmony

in the hour

of happiness

and hallelujah.

Sweat out the toxins

under the sweltering

solar burst

that is sent

from the love

of God’s good graces,

and allow

the sweet kiss

of absolution

to tan wanton skin

with a shine

that shimmers

brighter than gold.

Igniting Intention

The only regret in life

I could possibly imagine

would come from squandering

the gift of light

that pulses within my soul.

Poetry is just a language I use

to fallibly express

the ineffable emotions

that long to be birthed into form,

and so I know for sure

that the written word

is but a single spoke

on the much larger wheel of action

that can only be turned

by forever placing

one foot in front of the next.

You don’t always

have to bust through a wall

when there are other routes open

over and around it

that can more easily be accessed

by using the wisdom gained

from lessons learned in the past.

Constant, continual, progressive,


movement forward

is the holy key to unlock

the gates of heaven

here on earth.

Mind, body, and spirit

triangulate the vision

when three eyes become focused

on the destiny

that finally arrives

once fate and freewill

have been balanced

into a perfect rhythm

of harmony and accord.

This is not a prayer,

but a promise.

This is not a hope,

but a hallelujah.

This is not a dream,

but an awakening.

This is not a posture,

but a privilege.

This is not a choice,

but an acceptance.

(originally appeared at Dissident Voice)


Wipe me clean

without Clorox or bleach

just simple honesty

Sanitation is next to salvation

in some circles

Sacred vowels


ooh and ah

before sighing

Little spaces in the corner

dusted off

brought to surface

made to shine

Lord, help me find

the right words

to tithe

All I have

left to offer

are my dreams

(excerpt from Poison in Paradise)

Scott Thomas Outlar

Scott Thomas Outlar hosts the site where links to his published poetry, fiction, essays, interviews, and reviews can be found. His work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net. Scott serves as an editor for The Peregrine Muse, Novelmasters, and Happy Hour Hallelujah. His latest book, Poison in Paradise, was released in 2017 through Alien Buddha Press.

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