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Poems by Sravani Singampalli: "Those Days" and "Treasure"


Those days

The patterns on my bed sheet

Take me back to those days

When I used to sit

In a nearby park

With feelings of emptiness

But the pink colour

Of my bed sheet also reminds me

Of those flowers

Which always smiled at me

And whispered to me

About the joyful life

I am living now.


My mother’s love is hidden

In my long strands of hair.

They are not just strands but a treasure.

I still remember how my mother

Used to oil my hair.

The pair of little shoes

Worn by my daughter

Were once my shoes

Gifted to me by my mother.

They are not just a pair of shoes

But a house of sweet memories.

My watch, purse and many things

In my house are old and have faded

But they still appear

New to my eyes.


Sravani Singampalli

Sravani Singampalli is a published writer and poet from India. Her works have appeared or are forthcoming in Leaves of Ink, formercactus, Gone Lawn journal, Vox Poetica, Treehouse arts, The Blue Nib and elsewhere. She is presently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at JNTU (Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University), Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh, India.

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