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Two Poems by Janice Canerdy

dahlia, image by Nowaja, on Pixabay

God’s Aging Vessel

I often lie awake and ponder life,

more kind than cruel through my many years.

The peaceful times by far outweigh the strife,

and laughs have flowed more frequently than tears.

The future – my tomorrows, oh, so brief –

holds challenges. I look to God each day,

for He knows all. It’s still my firm belief

He has a plan, and He’ll show me the way.

The past is an instructor I respect

for guiding me through failure and success.

The present is the path that will direct

me to tomorrow’s fleeting happiness.

Life beckons. God is working on me still.

He’ll bless me if I strive to do His will.


At the End of the Rainbow

At my rainbow's end, there is no pot of gold,

but something more magnificent to behold.

There won't be, as some think, beyond that last breath,

just a burial plot for my home after death.

We've more than a body; each one has a soul

that can't be interred in a six-foot-deep hole.

My conscious and undying soul will then be

with Jesus, who saved me and set my soul free.

I'll have a new, glorified body up there,

sweet peace in a lovely place beyond compare,

prepared just for me as my promised reward

for trusting God's only Son, Jesus, as Lord.

Right now we can’t grasp the full reality

of life after death, souls, and eternity;

but all-knowing God gives us what we need now –

His Spirit and His Holy Word that tells us how

to follow His plan and how Heaven can be

the home of our souls after death sets them free.

Beyond my last rainbow, a home waits for me

in Heaven. God’s glory at last I will see.

Janice Canerdy is a retired high-school English teacher from Potts Camp, Mississippi.

She especially enjoys rhymed, metered poetry and mourns its near-demise in some

circles. Her writings have appeared in numerous publications, including Wild Violet,

The Road Not Taken, Bitterroot, Society of Classical Poets, Lighten Up Online, Better

Than Starbucks, Saturday Evening Post, and in anthologies published by the Mississippi Poetry Society, the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Whispering Angel Books, and Quill Books. She is the author of Expressions of Faith, published by Christian Faith Publishing.

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