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Beyond Seasons: poems by Robert Funderburk

Rolling, green fields with areas of woods, image by Sabine, on Pixabay.

rolling fields, image by Sabine, on Pixabay

Beyond Seasons

The leaves of autumn’s

frosty winds,

red and gold and rust,

draw more beauty

from death

than sunlight

and gentle rain

on summer trees

could ever offer.

And this solitary pilgrim,

captured by autumn’s

blaze of color, when

he takes his final

woodland walk,

what then?

He lifts from this


of earthly shadow,

this life of vapor

and dust, to live

beyond the stars

and shine in the endless

fields of Heaven.

(First published by Halcyon Days)



Oh, sing for the long night is over

Sing for the day has begun

Let darkness and doubt

Give way to a shout

Oh, shout to the Lord everyone

Oh, praise God all battles are over

Give Him praise for the end of all wars

We’ve soldiered all night

His dawn gives us light

For our road home beyond all the stars

Oh, sing for the long night is over

The towers of Heaven I see

No sorrow or hate

Shall pass through the gate

He’s waiting for you and for me

Oh, praise God this old earth has ended

The Heavens rolled back as a scroll

All evil has died

As Christ testified

We’re walking on streets made of gold


Robert Funderburk was born by coal oil lamplight

in his home near Liberty, Mississippi, graduated from

Louisiana State University in 1965, and served as

Staff Sergeant in the US Air Force from 1965 to1971.

He now lives with his wife, Barbara, enjoying the peace

of home on fifty acres of wilderness in Olive Branch,


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Sep 08, 2023

Both of these are just beautiful!

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