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Circle of Hope: two poems by Robert Pegel

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

note and autumn leaves, from Pixabay

Circle of Hope

I sometimes envision

a scene of three:

Jesus, my deceased

sixteen-year-old son

Calvin, who is somehow

alive, and me.

We are holding hands

and circling clockwise.

Like a walking dance.

We are blissfully happy.

I can’t get this image

out of my mind.

It instills hope

that everything

will work out in the end.

It gives me something

to look forward to

outside of the

day to day challenges

of reality.

Reunion on the horizon.

Not just wishful but

a sacred destiny.

The world is a giant landscape

that speaks to us saying

we all leave our imprint

before we leave.

We are not just specks

in the universe

scattered about haphazardly.

More like a circle

in eternity.

A triumph of love

in the end.


Crystal Clear

Swing the doors wide open.

It’s time to enter a new realm.

Nothing before matters right now.

It will never be forgotten.

But can’t rule your spirit.

You are you.

Now is now.

Recognize the present

and respect it.

It will never be again.

Where should you begin?

Welcome the day

and promise to be the

best version of yourself.

No excuses.

No emotion will control you


Separate from sorrow.

Your heart and soul

know what they know.

And will forever.

Don’t punish yourself.

You are not to blame.

Good is from God

and you are from that tree.

Branch out and help others


There is so much to learn here.

Signs to be seen.

You are on your own journey.

I am here to help.


Sending out a message.

Hope it’s

crystal clear.


Robert Pegel is a husband and father whose only child died in 2016. Calvin was just16 and died in his sleep. Robert writes to process the unimaginable and to try and transform his pain and loss. Robert graduated from Columbia University where he majored in English. He has been published in The Madrigal, Remington Review, Trouvaille Review, A New Ulster, The Galway Review, Bluepepper, As Above So Below, Goat’s Milk, Last Leaves, The Pangolin Review, Ariel Chart, and others. He has work forthcoming in North Dakota Quarterly, Mason Street, Resurrection Magazine, and 433 Magazine. Robert lives in Andover, New Jersey, with his wife, Zulma, and their Min Pin dog, Chewy.

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