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Joy Unleashed: poem by W. Robert Boyd

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Muddy shoes of apparently a child standing on ground, image by Amanda Whitbeck, on Pixabay.

muddy shoes, image by Amanda Whitbeck, on Pixabay


Blur of excited flailing

for warm cloudy skies and rain.

Dimpled smile of glee-filled cry,

“Daddy, we go out and play?”

Spare not a snail, bug, or frog,

for soiled happy hands to toil,

wriggling, writhing, wonder

in waiting pudgy palms.

Hop and splash and jump and spring,

with boisterous fits of whirling,

with feverish pumping of

little legs with cackling screams.

If only I could package

every tinkle of mirth,

every squeal of a child’s joy,

every puff of chubby cheeks.

I could sell this injured world

bottles of spectacle and

energy in happiness,

rarest of commodities.

Heart swollen to bursting,

glory be to the Father

who granted this man such joy,

a bundle of controlled fire.


W. Robert Boyd is a disabled vet who has

recently rediscovered the Lord. He is excited

about the ways God has been affecting

his family and himself, his relationships,

and his ability to write again. He is active in

his church and a Christian Writers Group.

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