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Tuesday Tips: Remember to Dream

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

image by Annabel P., on Pixabay

Think back to when you first imagined yourself a writer, an artist.

Oh, the places you’d write! The scenes you’d paint—or etch or

photograph! Travel, adventure, exhibits, book signings.

Maybe you were already in the midst of creative work, and it was more a matter of realizing than imagining this as a significant part

of your life.

It might have been before you started getting rejections, waiting

to hear after sending your valued submission to that hoped-for

publisher or art gallery. Before you learned the time, effort, and

perseverance this adventure requires.

Is this beginning to sound discouraging? That is not my goal.

I want to encourage you not to let the hard work, emotions, or

the patience needed, interfere with making dreams come true.

If you have positive dreams, don’t give up on them. And you don’t

have to do it alone. Find support through a network of writer/artist

colleagues who will encourage you, will offer kind, helpful feedback,

and who will nurture your resilient dreams.

Keep learning, give it your best, connect with your support system,

and—very important: remember to dream.

Drawing of white dog on doggie bed, running in its sleep, smiling, dreaming about bones.

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