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The Light: poem by Sandra Arnone

Collage of multiple masks in black, white, and purple on gold background, some fancy flourishes, images from Pixabay.

multiple masks, images from Pixabay

The Light

I share my light,

it lies deep inside.

A light that is needed

to live a life that satisfies.

Many find their lights extinguished,

they don’t know why

they live in darkness

unable to see.

They seek not what is needed,

are blinded by what others say,

they wear a multitude of masks

to hide behind each day,

never feeling fulfilled, never finding their way.

Be brave and seek the face of Jesus,

He walks with you each day.

Don’t be afraid,

you will never be the same.


Sandra (Sandi) Arnone is a mom, retired elementary school teacher, and poet. Her

career spanned over a twenty-five-year

period. She taught in both public and religious schools. She most enjoyed teaching creative writing to her students and enjoyed inviting

parents into the classroom for readings. Sandi

lives in the mountains of upstate New York where she found her poetic voice. Living in what she

calls “God’s country” her journey of loss and hope began. Sandi published her first collection of poems, Breathless Soul, in 2021 (by Xulon Press). The collection was written in memory

of her late grandson, William Anthony. Sandi’s poems reflect her deep love for Jesus and

His healing power. He alone is everything.

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