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Three haiku: by EG "Ted" Davis

(image by Kerstin Riemer, on Pixabay)

Prophesy to us

tell us who has struck your face

Grimace, He did not


(related Scripture: Luke 22:63-65)





Easter showers fall

the air is full of freshness

purified we are





Bountiful harvest

not that of grains, grapes, or figs

but of once-lost souls




EG Ted Davis' poetry has appeared in various online and print

literary journals and in miscellaneous Christian publications.

March 2024 issue

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2 Kommentare

29. März

Wonderful collection of micro-poems! Praise the Lord!

Gefällt mir
Antwort an

Yes, I love the little poems with so much impact and thought behind them. I shared this group of poems on n my FB page this morning at River Road Studio.

Gefällt mir
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