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Two poems by K.G. Munro

Photo: field of vibrantly colored tulips, red, pink, yellow, amethyst, contrasted with rich greenery, image by Hans Braxmeier, on Pixabay.

tulips, image by Hans Braxmeier, on Pixabay

Heart of Spring

Winter forces us to survive

But spring is meant for growth

The kind shown by perennials

By baby birds learning how to fly

We are blessed to have so many mentors

In nature that exists around us

Courtesy of God’s hands

This season is special because life goes on

Change is so beautiful

And regardless of how harsh the circumstances were before

Your heart can still be warm for the next season.


The Good in Not Knowing

Going through today

Wondering about the next

As yesterday is forgotten

With each step in the woods

Another seashell heard on the beach

As another pink rose grows from the ground

None of us knows what the sun will be like tomorrow

Or if we will see another moonlit night

But that is the wonderful thing about God

He carries the burden of that knowledge for us

So that we can pursue our destinies unencumbered by fear

In order to plant more flowers, enjoy more hugs,

Swim in the lakes, and live a life that is vibrant,

Because knowing everything is not important

But enjoying the moment is priceless.

K.G. Munro is an author and a poet. A few of her writing credits include

being published in The Well, Poetry Potion, Scarlet Dragonfly Journal,

Fevers of the Mind, and Splendeur Magazine.

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