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Two Poems by Kim R. Deslaurier

(apple seeds, image by the author, Kim R. Deslaurier)

Sprouting apple seeds

a garden in the half star

secret life within


An Epiphany

An epiphany

I hear you through my haiku

As I write my words

Discerning moment

To know I am listening

To the heart of God

It’s a comfort to

Know God’s voice is within me

His spirit guides me

Thank you for today

Peaceful glorious morning

I abide in you

Rejoice in the Lord

I lift up my voice and sing

Hallelujah, God!


Kim R. Deslaurier taught writing for 20 years, and while her students were writing,

she was writing with them. Highlights in her life were receiving a National Writing

Project Fellowship, hosting poetry events, and promoting young adult writers

through the Young Writers Project. Inspired by her prayer group, daily devotions,

and the grace of God, Kim writes haiku every day.

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Oct 20, 2020


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