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When you think of them: poems by EG Ted Davis

Various wooden and metal tools, image by "CogSciLibrarian" on Pixabay.

tools, image by "CogSciLibrarian" on Pixabay

In olden terms

If thou create something

with thine own two hands,

then it shalt stand to reason,

that if such an item

shall become broken...

Wilt thou not make

thy necessary repairs

to make it whole again.


One candle shining in the dark, image by Andreas Lischka, on Pixabay.

Candle's Flame

The flicker of

the candle flame

is for hope

that the one

who is lost

may find their

way home again

on Christmas Day.


When you think of them

pray that they come unto God

through the Lord Jesus.


EG Ted Davis' poetry has appeared in various online and print

literary journals and in miscellaneous Christian publications.

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1 Comment

Sep 08, 2023

These are touching and beautiful and inspire prayer. Praise the Lord!

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