Three Poems by Shola Balogun: "Wipe Your Tears", "Bethlehem Songs", and "Sparrows"

February 22, 2017








Child, let your eyelids gleam
Like a thousand suns.
Let your smiles radiate
Like the stars
In the sky at night.

The comeliness of your voice
Is more graceful
Than the nightingale's song.

Wipe your tears, my lovely one,
There is always
A new dawn tomorrow.


In the silent and cold nights,
When the stars throng
In twinkling lights
Across the distant brooks,
A lone Shepherd's gleeful looks
Tell the memory of Bethlehem song
And the undying themes
In the immortal hymns.


(First appeared in Ovi Magazine and Parousia)


Bedraggled, and brow-beaten
By the salt waters,
Alone in a crumbling shack
By the sandbars,
Beneath the blanket, a fisherman
Shares beads of tears
With the droplets of rain.
A flawless film of playful children,
Tossing in the dune of past years,
Flickers in the synopsis
Of his eyes.

He remembers the field of floss flowers
At the other side of the stone debris,
And with unleavened tongue
Sings knotted epithets of sparrows


(First appeared in Bewildering stories)


© Shola Balogun




Shola Balogun, playwright, poet and writer is from Yoruba South-Western part of Nigeria,West Africa. He was the winner of the First Educare Trust's OLAUDAH EQUIANO POETRY PRIZE(2002)and the FESTIVAL OF PEACE POETRY AWARD(2OO5)organized by the Institute of African Studies,University of Ibadan. He is the author of a collection of Poetry,THE CORNWOMAN OF JURARE & OTHER POEMS(2007). THE WRESTLING OF JACOB, DEATH AND SUICIDE IN SELECTED AFRICAN PLAYS,and,PRAYING DANGEROUSLY:THE CRY OF BLIND BARTIMAEUS

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