A Poem by Sharon Hawley: "Seder"

August 21, 2017







Table set with metaphor
blood and flesh
wine and bread unleavened
baked scroll of ancient words
curling parsley, bitter herbs
a simple obedient supper

relic of sacrifice
bleating lamb
blood around the door
horseradish of slavery
       on matzo
apples and walnuts of freedom
       on matzo
both together, bitter and sweet
       on matzo
parsley dipped in salt water
tears of joy, tears of sorrow
salt of the desert
salt in the eye
slavery escaped
Jerusalem beckons


© Sharon Hawley




I love nature and the One who made it, and the science of nature.  I see it mostly in wilderness treks and in words of poets and of the Word.  It all comes together for me--no separation of church and creation, of Word and science.



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