A Song & Lyrics by Joe Taylor and the Sons of Thunder: "Can You Hear?"







Can you hear the preacher saying
Let me introduce you to Jesus 
He’ll wash your sins away
Change your life for the better
You are not responding
We wonder  we’re not sure
Can you hear


Can you hear your mother praying
In her bedroom   on her knees
She knows she won’t be around forever
She tries   She cries
See it in her eyes
She wonders   She’s not sure
Can you hear


Open up and hear what the Spirit is saying
There’s a knock on your hearts door
Will you answer the call  of Jesus today
It’s the only way to make Heaven your home


Can you hear the whisper blowing
God is speaking in your ear
I love you won’t you come to me
Are you going to walk away
You won’t find a better offer
I’m sure
Can you hear


© Joe Taylor and the Sons of Thunder





Joe Taylor and the Sons of Thunder is a Midwest Christian Rock Band playing local and regional gigs and events throughout central Indiana. They minister the love and presence of God through music, praise, and testimony. Members include: Joe Taylor, Carl Hueston, Dave Milligan, and Bill Phipps. They are available for booking. Learn more on Facebook, and be sure to check out their website.



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