A Poem by Veronica Michalowski: "Sinker 4-11-2017"

September 29, 2018











6 year-old neophyte angler

begins his journey

              after daybreak

surf fishing with his Father

              vacant beach

                           Jersey shore

steadies the rod

practices the cast

               again and


until a nod from The Master

              says he’s ready


ties the lure, live bait

               on the hook

                           extends the leader

bait-casts into the sea

              reels in


              reels in

bare hooks all—


both are joyous

fling rods over their shoulders


                            bring empty pails

back to Mother



© Veronica Michalowski   April 11, 2017

Peter John Paul Michalowski, age 6, Seaside Heights, New Jersey;

photograph taken by his father, Peter Paul Michalowski, dated summer, 1957,



Veronica Michalowski


A graduate of California State University, Fullerton, I received my B.A. and M.A. in Fine Arts, Design and Photography.


My career focused in the fields of ideation, branding, marketing, merchandising, packaging and display design, having created for such firms as Microsoft, Epson, Canon USA, Neutrogena, Crayola, Calaway Golf, Geoffrey Beane, Sunkist, Mattel, as well as many California wineries.  I have built and worked with outstanding design teams and received both national and international recognition, many awards and acclaim for exceptional design, including two CLIOs.


Interspersed with this creative work has been a contribution to the educational field, having taught fine arts at California State University, Fullerton as well as Riverside City College, Mount San Antonio College, Laguna College of Art and Design.


I continue to design and paint, travel, read everything and write often, especially poetry, do crossword puzzles daily, love to cook, savor fine wine, collect fine art and antiques.

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