Two Poems by Rebekah Lorton: Waiting for Dawn, and Driving with the Windows Down

July 1, 2019




Waiting for Dawn


Silky webs stretching in sunrise

Capture foggy mist.

Diamonds on string

Worn by sagging telephone line


Delicate prayers splayed

In lacy beauty.

Earth declaring glory,


In most unusual places


Kingdom whispers

Woven by eight tiny legs

In dark of night while

Waiting for dawn







Driving with the Windows Down


Delicious wind

Blowing between little


Spread wide.

Grasping what can’t

Be caught


Unseen Forces

Animate and move

Hand in

Haphazard flow.


Forward, backward

Up, down.


Reminds me of

My soul.



~Rebekah Lorton



Rebekah Lorton is an incorrigible observer of the mundane, finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. She resides in Northern Alabama and finds joy in her faith, her family, and nature. She has several poems that appear in various journals, but her favorite poems are the rhyming ones made on the spot with her kiddos. 

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