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                  General Guidelines 


Send us poetry, non-fiction, artwork, music, your personal experience

or testimony about your relationship with the Lord – submissions that

glorify God. They don't have to be specifically about God (though they certainly can be). Works that express joy, grief, works about nature,

suffering, searching are all welcome, but we look for that spark of hope

that reminds us, and others, that God is and that He cares.
By submitting your work to Spirit Fire Review, you agree to one-time-

use electronic rights. Rights to all creative work revert to the author

after publication. Your work will remain in our archive.

Please send all submissions to:
Send your work in the body of the email or as an attachment. We do

not accept submissions through the postal mail. Please include your

name, email address, and a short bio in the body of the email. Feel

free to include one link to your website or blog. Do include a portrait

photo. Cover letters are welcome. 

We also consider previously published works, but please notify us

if, and where/when, they were published. Simultaneous submissions

No submission fee. We are unable to offer payment
at this time.

We will promote you and your work on social media, so be sure

to connect. We nominate for Best of the Net and Pushcart awards.

We read and respond on a rolling basis. We reserve the right to 

make minor editorial changes, e.g., for spelling and grammar. 

We do not publish fiction. And we do not publish dark content 

unless it concludes in light. 


We are seeking fresh, original poetry that uplifts, touches, encourages, portrays beauty, or brings revelation or insight. Surprise and delight us

with your words. Please submit 1-5 poems. Any length, any style. All

poetic forms are welcome. 

Creative Nonfiction and Essays:

Please send one creative nonfiction piece or essay at a time. No fiction. True narratives based on the theme of this journal. Please

read our published essays to see what we like. Length: up to

2,500 words.

Photography and Artwork:

Submit up to five images as an attachment. Be sure to include titles 

for your images, a bio, and/or an artist statement.


To learn more about what we look for, get familiar with the journal, and check out our About page.

                               You are invited!

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