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Poetry by Bruce Owens: "Into the New"

Moon Spirit Fire Review

INTO THE NEW The moon is like a jewel on the finger of the Lord, and the sun is his Headband. His breath is in the woods at night, and the deer lift their heads to hear His coming. The rain falls from His sky, and all of creation is watered by His great compassion. Even the wicked of the world benefit from His goodness, and are touched by the beauty of hand woven seasons. snow on the mountains, icy water purling over rocks, black crows over the hills, hawks on the updraft of wind, spiders along the sand like black lace, lizards with jeweled skin, the ant with the burden climbing the trunk of a tree. I rejoice in His goodness to us creatures. Maybe we are the consciousness of nature, but He endows our minds with light as we turn towards Him, walking a deer trail into the heart of His great silence. He is not like a tower of granite or a piece of carved wood. When we call out to Him, he hears our call, and answers us in our time of need. Forever He is with those who walk in His way in this world, and that last step into the new.

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