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Poetry by Edilson Afonso Ferreira: "Eating Pain"; "A Brave New Man"

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Eating Pain

From so long, I have been affected

by heavy lots of pain and sufferings,

as if a fee were due to being alive.

Sometimes I revolt and get nervous,

sometimes I resign myself to Destiny.

Last evening, having dinner at the table,

I could not avoid pouring abundant tears,

which washed my hands and my bread.

So, I remembered the Last Supper, where

Our Lord had blessed the bread with wine,

leaving it as consecrated leavening to endure

coming days and times of beloved humanity.

I ate this bread, seasoned by salty hot tears,

with the joy of the righteous,

and, conscious of the miracle of the moment,

I also ate and put an end to the lack of faith.

First published in Whispers.

A Brave New Man

From immemorial times I feel a dust

always hunting me wherever I go.

It blows softly and lightly, furtively

involving and deluding me.

It is a peculiar dust, that has in mind

not my body but my soul.

Created by the power of my enemies

and my disillusions, it works to calcify

the framework of my entire being.

But by night, at home and asleep--

you have all the right not to believe me--

invisible angels pour a cleansing rain

and by dawn it is a new and fresh man

who faces so old-fashioned a world.

First published in The Basil O’Flaherty.

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