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Poetry by David Allen: "The Day Mom Died"; "No Ending"

Spirit Fire Review David Allen Poetry


The day Mom died

My doorbell rang

Twice, two times in

The afternoon.

But when I bounded from my chair

There was no one there,

Or anywhere near,

As I scanned the scene

For signs of a prank or the post.

After the second signal

I tested the bell for a short

Or some other cause.

But it worked just fine,

No gust or glitch had

Had set it abuzz.

Hours later I got the word

Mom departed this cold world.

My wife suggested

Mom stopped by our island,

Which swarms with ghosts,

To say goodbye to her oldest son,

One child absent from the last bedside.

And I just shrugged,

And would still, except --

The day they turned our Mom to ash

The doorbell rang again.

And her grandson answered only to find

No one waiting to come in.

And in the months that followed,

The doorbell never repeated its

Eerie ring, sounding only

To announce a package delivered

Or a neighbor stopping to say “Hi.”

I guess Mom said her final goodbye.


Some people laud suicide

As the perfect ending

To life’s tragic story.

But my life’s more

Like some comedy,

A serial with chapter endings

That keep me anxious

To read on,

Wondering just what

In the world

Will happen next.

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