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A Poem by Lynda McKinney Lambert: "The 23rd Psalm for the Artist"


The 23rd Psalm for the Artist

Lord, you are the mentor and patron who watches over me and gives me inspiration, guidance, and support as I need it.

You have called me to come out of my studio today and brought me here to rest in the grass of the meadow beside this quietly flowing stream. Here, I can bathe in the glory of your creation. I am here because I need healing from wounds and disappointments I have experienced in the world. Touch me and give me your healing strength so that I may leave this place whole and complete. In appreciation to you, I will bring glory to you through the works of my hands for I know that when I am making art I am bringing honor to you my Maker.

Sometimes, I am perplexed and feel like I am bereft of ideas and that my life is meaningless, a barren void. But, at those times you come to me and you reach out to me and take away my fears and anxieties. Often, when I stand alone in my studio, unsure of which way to turn next, I begin to feel your presence. You are even nearer to me now. You guard my life and I can be sure today that something good will happen when I return to the loneliness of my studio.I will be there with you.

I have experienced your unexpected blessings as you provide fresh ideas for me when I think there is nothing left but failure and ridicule. My studio is yours, Lord. Be my welcome guest today.

Your goodness and unfailing kindness have been with me all my life. I try to make your glory visible in the works of art I create. Someday, I will close the door of my studio for the final time and yet, even then, I will not be alone. I will be walking out of there with you. We will go to your home where we will continue to collaborate on glorious projects throughout eternity. Amen.

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