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Two Poems by Tamsen Grace: "The Secret to My Strength"; The Gift of Love"

The Secret to My Strength

You silenced my song,

Tried to take away

my voice.

Like Delilah to Samson

you wanted to discover the secret

to my strength

so I would be defenseless.

Is a war a victory

if you conquered the defenseless,

Laid victim to the innocent.

Is any war ever a victory?

What you didn't understand

was that secret to my strength

was in those who loved

and protected me,

And the one who sent them to me.

The Gift of Love

(After finding out my childhood sweetheart had died of lung cancer)

I think the day you bury your first love is the day you bury your youth. Your first love should be Prince Charming and Superman all rolled up in one and mine was that to me and so much more. But the greatest gift he gave me was that no matter what I faced in life, no matter how dark the days, I knew in my heart that at one point in my life someone had truly loved me.

We can never comprehend the love God has for us. The love that would sacrifice his only begotten son, his child, for us, condemn him because of our sins. It defies comprehension. I think that when someone truly loves you, even if you only experience it for a short period of time, it gives us a small glimpse of the all-consuming, limitless love that God has for us. When you experience this love it should compel you to seek God's love even more. How do we seek God's love? By honoring his path for our life and committing to walk in his ways. So while I buried my youth with my first love, my future I commit to God, so I can continue to learn what true love really is.

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