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Two Poems by Marcia (Durant) Conover: "My Prayer" and "Wings of an Angel"

My Prayer

Today my mind was filled with sad layers

As I listened to friends in need of some prayers

Some I have known for quite a long while

The others I know had lost their bright smiles

Troubles and sorrow have found their way in

Unwanted, and hidden from all of their kin

Their burdens so heavy no more can they take

It's time now to pray so their peace they can make

I want them to know that I'll pray every day

For return of their freedom from problems that weigh

God can deliver that which is asked

If it’s only an answer or even a task

I’ll quietly listen and do what I can

Helping to uplift my friends’ weakened hands

Wings of an Angel

She has left us behind on this saddest of days

Her suffering is gone and she's found the way

Gates above earth have opened up wide

To welcome this beautiful angel inside

The world has watched and fervently prayed

As her husband shared with us her very last days

We fell in love with this family of faith

Praying for peace and comfort to grace

Joey and Rory: an example of love

We’ll always remember her now up above

Her last wishes granted by those at her side

Emotions were shared with nowhere to hide

She's finally rejoicing and singing again

Heaven’s great chorus of angelic hymns

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