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Two Poems by Nicholas Froumis: "Not Yet" and "Shame"

Not Yet

The words are spoken

so easily to our children,

another delayed promise

or perhaps an attempt to buy time.

But the requests only intensify,

much to our exasperation.

And when those same words

are spoken, or rather implied

for lack of verbalization

by our Father,

we become

the same petulant child,

firing questions endlessly.

Why..? When..? How could you…?

Answers destined

to be withheld

by the One

who owns the time

we think is ours,

but only borrow.


O, wicked shame,

instrument of false imprisonment,

you sentence without trial,

leaving the accused to ponder the charges.

The devil bore you

out of the original deception.

You revel in the nakedness

of our exposed weaknesses

that take far more than fig leaves to cover.

The imprints of your shackles

serve as painful reminders

of our own futile attempts

to break free of your bondage.

You whisper lies

in our isolation,

hoping that we never

turn to the One

who can break the chains,

having already posted the bail.

O, stubborn heart,

permit salvation’s visitation

to our lonely cells.

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