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Editorial News

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Editorial News Spirit Fire Review

A new journal. What’s so special about that? Well, this journal’s goal is to glorify God.

Doubters welcome, seekers welcome, believers, non-believers, other-believers are

welcome – and so are the curious and those who just happened by.

We publish poetry, essays, personal stories, artwork, music. Some of these specifically

speak of Jesus and, of course, they are welcome. But some speak of the beauty of nature,

and that reminds us of God’s handiwork. Some share about trials and sorrow, and we

remember that the Lord is our comfort.

Some express love, ask questions, share their hope, wonder, or the struggle of trying to

figure out one’s role in this world, and we are reminded again that God is big enough

to deal with all of it.

We can’t put God in a box, but you probably knew that. We can’t draw a circle around

God. We can’t keep God in a tomb (that was tried once – it didn’t last). And we can’t

make God into a monument surrounded by an elaborate wrought-iron fence, no matter

how eloquent the message inscribed on the base.

God can’t be packaged, discounted, or put on a shelf. But God can be encountered, known, invited, celebrated – welcome to Spirit Fire Review.

We are currently accepting submissions. Please see our guidelines page here.

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