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Poetry: Two Poems by Joan McNerney


Who composed this cosmic puzzle

sifting through dark dominions

from the empty before?

What ignited the blackness

with swinging lanterns of fire

through that longest night?

When did time begin careening

on its urgent journey to shake

something out of nothing?

Where is the mind who forged

such astonishing starbursts

hammering beacons of light?

Why did shadows turn to

brightness...the glory of

our sun becoming golden?

How can heaven be silent

while blue jays meet in concert

under mounds of sterling clouds?


I am as bare as a winter tree,

my heart waits, eternal spring in me.

God please hear my lonely plea

so that I might trust in Thee

and look upon all lovingly,

bending to your will humbly.

Then my life becomes to me

a precious gift to offer Thee.

© Joan McNerney

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