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A Poem by Bevan Boggenpoel: "The Way of the Righteous"


The way of the righteous

I might be in this world,

But I will not partake,

Indulge in its pleasures,

For heaven's sake.

The good times

This life has to offer,

I will sacrifice to see

Heaven's sacred altar.

I refuse to conform

To this world's wicked way.

I would rather live to see

Him coming on that glorious day.

I refuse to be trapped

In the devil's snares.

I would rather submit

To Him who loves and cares.

The way of the righteous

Leads to eternal life.

The way of the wicked

Leads to misery and strife.

Beven Boggenpoel

Bevan Boggenpoel was born in Salt Lake, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. He attended Soutpan Primary and matriculated at Westville Secondary School.

Boggenpoel completed a Baccalaureate in Education at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. He launched his debut Anthology 1 December 2016. The book was well received by the public and he sold 200 copies locally. He is also an author at a South African website known as Litnet (Literature Network in South Africa).

Although his poetry is written in a South African context that covers different issues in daily life, his writings also strives to tell a story or teach a lesson that will inspire and motivate readers globally. He is currently a teacher at Bethelsdorp Road Primary in the northern areas of Port Elizabeth.

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