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Four Poems by D.B. Hall: "Lifted Higher", "It Shall Be", "Cascade", and "If That Isn't Love"

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

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Lifted Higher

Sometimes my sins cascade upon me

like a waterfall of memories

a multitude of erroneous choices

unfrozen from captivity of time

splashing unrelenting

in an unbearable burden of guilt

crushing me into a sobbing heap.


collapsed under the weight

two nail-scarred hands

gently lift me up

and collect my tears

"Those sins are mine now

I paid for them a long time ago"

In pure amazement

I close my eyes

and draw nearer unto him

with every simple word of prayer

that I utter

and I am so thankful

for the sweet blessings

of his comforting presence.

Only through Him

for Him

by Him

can I be lifted higher.

© D.B.Hall 5/20/2016

It Shall Be

I fear not the darkness that abounds on Facebook and TV

For “heavens shall vanish like smoke... the earth shall wax old”

The duality of Light and Dark cannot abide within sanctity of me

I believe in the love of Jesus, His arms forever willingly unrolled

There is within my cleansed sinner’s soul an eternal hope

A shining candle burning in salvation’s everlasting light

That simply accords to me an inner ability to cope

Leaving a steely resolve to never quit this spiritual dogfight

As for me, these mortal bones I am ready and willing to shed

I see gorgeous gossamer clouds have gathered all around

Occasionally split by a few slivers of vibrant azure threads

Can you too almost hear that glorious trumpet sound?

When in victory our resurrected Savior returns for you and me

In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, as lightning, so shall it be

© D.B. Hall 8/4/2015


Cascade down on me

Blessings from above

Blessings pulled from

The One filled with love

Cascade down on me

Blessings like waterfalls of love

Fill me with your light

Hope and eternal wonder

Let me go into the night

Searching for ones going under

Cascade down on me

A passion like roaring thunder

Cascade down on me

Blessings from above

Cascade down on me

Your strength and eternal love

Cascade down on me

Like a million turtledoves

Give me your desire

To reach out to the lost

To the uttermost

No matter the cost

Cascade down on me

Like tears from the cross

Cascade down on me

Your Love eternally

© D. B. Hall 9/21/2013

If That Isn’t Love

We waddle in our own small worlds full of self-pity

And think of our own burdens, alas and oh, poor me,

But what comes to my pondering mind

Is what transpired in another place and time

When a man climbed up a hill called Mount Calvary

Stretched forth willing arms and died upon a tree

I think of the crown of thorns that pierced His brow

That He wore thinking of you and me even now

Upon that cross, He bore the world’s sins upon His breast

Imagine the cat o’ nine tails, the pain too much to digest

Holy blood ran from jagged tears on his back and chest

Gasping for a breath of air, in ultimate agony, unable to rest

With love still in His eyes, His last breath was spent

Skies darkened, sun was hid, and the temple veil was rent

From a simple stable manger of a lowly birth

Full of love and compassion He had walked upon this earth

Not caring about high places or a royal throne

Just a loving caring person, no home of His own

Living in truth, each and every lesson that He taught

Did He suffer the pain of the cross for naught?

Of the final redeeming blood, every drop was caught

To the heavenly Father, His own blood He brought

In spite of it all, His death still agonizing, slow

If that isn’t love, then what is? I don’t know

D.B. Hall

David publishes under the pen name of D.B. Hall is a published poet who has worked on various poetry projects with many distinguished artists from all over the world. He has been published on The Rubio Report, Madness Muse Magazine, as well as on the Susan B. Komen Facebook page. As the creative director, editor and major contributor, David’s first book of spiritual rustic Americana poetry, Splintered Crosses is a fulfillment of his mother’s request.

His second book of poetry, Pebbles in the Stream, came from an opportunity with Creative Talents Unleashed publishing and blossomed from his love of all things nature, from midnight walks to interactions with God’s opus – thunderstorms. Since aligning with the creative juices that flow at CTU, David has been fortunate to be featured in two of their anthologies - Poetic Melodies and Shades of the Same Skin and be the creative director on a third - Poetic Shadows: Ink and the Sword. has also featured one of David’s poems in their Anthology Reflections. David also had several poems published in Symphony of Souls Anthology. David now resides in a small town nestled off the Blue Ridge Mountains. His early life involved a lot of traveling with his missionary parents. His poetry reflects a love for nature and life mixed with a sense of the rustic Americana spirit. David loves working in his shop making custom crafts from wood gathered from long walks in the forest or from recycled materials.

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