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Two Poems by Faleeha Hassan: " "My Home is Contaminated by War", and "How Diffic

Footprints Desert

My home is contaminated by war

We were

As a night that had lost her light bulbs

We wore our disappointments

Split ourselves from grief

War veterans…….

Moving between the blows of history

Without any glimmer of victory

And we became

Addicted exiles

Jumping between fragments

Searching for a straw of hope

Our land is not for us

Not even our blood

Our fatalities oscillating between the fingers of tyrants

We Southerners

Are busy preparing ourselves for departure

Horrific fantasies colonize our dreams instead of spring trees

This is a time of war storms

All roads are barren

Every street hit by drought

But we are still walking


And walking

You can see clearly

Our footprints on the desert

How difficult is the poet's life

He wakes up before the sun can remove her curtains from her


Makes breakfast for the butterflies

Shakes off gloomy memories from the last day

Restores the chirping to the birds

Wipes the secrets from the feet of the waves

Draws oak for the squirrels

And apples for the gazelles

Fish for the river

He teaches the birds

What to sing for the lovers in the park


At night, he sleeps on a couch that is not his

Faleeha Hassan

Faleeha Hassan is a poet, teacher, editor, writer born in Najaf, Iraq, in 1967, who now lives in the United States.

And she is the first woman who wrote poetry for children in Iraq.

She is leading poetic feminist movement in the holy city of Najaf

She got a master's degree in Arabic literature, and published sixteen collections of poetry in Arabic: Being a Girl, and a visit to the Museum of the shadows, five titles for my sea-friendly, although the later poems to the mother, Gardenia perfume, and a collection of poems for children, The Guardian dreams. It includes its Arabic prose Hazinia or lack of joy cells and freckles water (short story). ........Etc

Translated poems to (English, Turkmen, Bosevih, Indian, French, Italian, German, Kurdish, Spain and Albania) and has received awards from the linguists and translators Arab Society (AWB) and the Festival of creativity Najafi for 2012, as well as Naziq God Award angels, Al Mu'tamar Prize for Poetry, and the award short story of the martyr mihrab and institution. It is on the boards of Baniqya member, quarterly in Najaf. Rivers Echo (Echo Mesopotamia); Iraqis in Najaf and writers association. Iraqi Union and is a member of the literary women, and Sinonu (ie Swift) Association in Denmark, the Society of Poets beyond borders, and poets of the global community.

Her poems and her stories published in different American magazines Such as : (Philadelphia poets 22), (Harbinger Asylum ), (Brooklyn Rail april2016), (Screaminmamas),(The Galway Review), (Words without Borders), (TXTOBJX),( intranslation) ,( SJ .magazine), (nondoc) ,

( Wordgathering) ,( SCARLET LEAF REVIEW) ,( Courier-Post) ,( I am not a silent poet),

( taosjournal), (Inner Child Press),( Press of Atlantic City),(Otoliths magazine ) and (Life and Legends magazine)

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