A Poem by Surbhi Anand: "A smile the sign of peace"

"A smile the sign of peace"

I don't know why the people

Make the choice of weapons,

When only one smile is enough

To eliminate misunderstandings.

My love !

Let us go far away,

Where there is no one,

To build up our own world,

To sow our own seed,

To put into practice and breed

Our own thoughts,

And harvest our own crops.

©®surbhi anand

Surbhi Anand is a young poetess from the city of Patna, in Bihar (India). She has completed her MSC and is preparing for competitive exams.

Her hobbies are singing, painting, and photography. She is a contributing poetess for an English anthology and a Hindi anthology, and loves to

express her feelings through writing.

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