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Two Poems by Anwer Ghani: "Secret Smile" and "The Coffee Man"

Blue Jay/Wix

Secret Smile

O dreamy bird, show me the secret smile of life. This is my heart stumbles on valley’s sands as a traveler. His foot was made from ice and his eyes are remnants of the brassy voices. I searched my fingers; I searched my gray color but I didn’t find a picture of a soldier. I know that I should find my purity to so I will stand here lonely as a land bird. Yes, I am standing here; waiting my pure soul and wishing to die as a soldier knew the secret smile of the life.

The Coffee Man

I am a simple man from the south. My skin is brown and it becomes darker when I hear about the giant salmon of Japan. I have an amazing coffee coloring my days but the story does not start from my grandfather’s coffee beans because my coffee is of instant type. Now I will tell you a secret; we are farmers and feel so delight when we vanish in our coffee’s flavor so you may see brown veils cover our trees. In Middle East the best coffee beans come from Yemen, and there are good coffee makers but I am as well as my friends addict on instant foreign coffee.


Anwer Ghani

Anwer Ghani is an Iraqi poet and writer. He was born in 1973 in Hilla. He is the author of "Narratopoet"; (Inventives Cloud 2017), "Antipoetic Poems"; (Creat Spacee 2017), "TRUMP"; a poetry collection, (Inner Child Press 2017) and "The Narratolyric Writing"; essays (Smashwords 2017). His name has appeared in Otoliths, Adelaide, November Bees, Zarf, Peacock, Eunioa, Rabbit and many others. Anwer had 40 books in literature and religious sciences in Arabic.

Facebook: DrAnwerGhani

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