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A Poem by Renee’ Drummond-Brown: "Gore"



I know ‘twas the blood.

I know ‘twas the blood.


forgive me


Trouble in my way.

Like Judas I gotta


sometimes, 30 pieces o’

silver shadows; real 24kt

fool’s gold;

exact same kiss of death.

I knew ‘twas the blood.

I knew ‘twas the blood

handed ov’r

by me.

Father forgive me

it was I.

Dedicated to:

BLOOD BANK…One day when I wuz lost; He GOT UP on my cross; saved me.

A RocDeeRay Poem

Renee Drummond-Brown

Renee’ Drummond-Brown is a poetess with experience in creative writing. A graduate of Geneva College of Western Pennsylvania, Renee’ is still in pursuit of excellence towards her mark for higher education. She is working on her sixth book and has numerous works published globally which can be seen in, KWEE Magazine, Leaves of Ink, Raven Cage Poetry and Prose Ezine, Scarlet Leaf Publishing House, and Whispers Magazine to name a few, and in several anthologies. Civil rights activist, Ms. Rutha Mae Harris, Original Freedom Singer of the civil rights movement, was responsible for having Drummond-Brown’s very first poem published in the Metro Gazette Publishing Company, Inc., in Albany, GA. Renee’ has won and/or placed in several poetry contests globally and her books are eligible for nomination for a Black Book award in Southampton County Virginia. She was Poet of the Month in 2017 and a

winner in the Our Poetry Archives and Potpourri Poets/Artists Writing Community. She was on the cover of KWEE Magazine in May, 2016. Her love for creative writing is displayed through her unique style. Renee’ is inspired by Dr. Maya Angelou; because of her, Renee’ posits “Still I write, I write, and I’ll write!”

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