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Two Poems by Lucia Walton Robinson: "Straight and Narrow" and "God’s Humor"

Pixabay/Wooden Cross

Straight and Narrow

Low o low

came You loving Lord

narrowly birthed and laid

low in a manger–

You, wider than all skies.

Straight the way and narrow

straight the tree

O narrow they nailed You down

narrow as man.

Straight the way and narrow

to sunder tree and rise–

O narrow as Your arms stretched wide

the way to Paradise.

God’s Humor

Some people seem to have a God

Who never smiles, and never laughs.

I wonder about those mournful souls–

what sort of a God has them?

I have a God who’s beamed like sun

and warmed me on the coldest nights

(and chilled me on the warmest days

with his great frown)

and shot my heart with burbling joy

when life was wrack and wreck.

The Disciples must have laughed too:

some people thought they were drunk

at Pentecost, Lord, when all they imbibed

was You.

Some people seem to have a God

Who’s sober all the while.

I have to wonder about a God

Who doesn’t laugh, and doesn’t smile–

what on earth would such a God do

when He’d fashioned the first wagging tail

to finish the first cunning pup

and painted a monkey’s bottom blue?


Lucia Walton Robinson is a born-again Episcopalian. Some of her poems have appeared in The Penwood Review, The Road Not Taken, Split Rock Review, Indiana Voice Journal, <<...>> and The Southern Poetry Anthology, Vol. VII

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