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A Poem by Edilson Ferreira: "A Matter of Color"


A Matter Of Color

I am proud of my generation.

I came from a past that must only be seen

in its black and white.

Current bright colors cannot even approach

warmth of a singular and peculiar bygone era.

Just we who lived and loved in it are enough

and qualified witnesses to so amazing a past.

Days running smoothly, with fewer choices,

only black phones and only white fridges,

along with dear black and white films and photos.

Moreover, time to encounter lasting friends,

that endure life’s disillusions, jointly reaching

so many years ahead

to colorful and unsettled contemporaneous days.

© Edilson Ferreira

Edilson Ferreira

A Brazilian poet, Mr. Ferreira, 74, writes in English rather than Portuguese. Largely published in international and selected literary journals in print and online, he began his literary life at age 67, after his retirement as a graduate employee at a Bank. Ferreira lives in a small town (Formiga – MG), with wife, three sons and a granddaughter. His first Poetry Book, “Lonely Sailor” (one hundred poems), is scheduled for publication in 2018. Has been nominated for The Pushcart Prize in 2016.

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