A Poem by Sanjeev Sethi: "Biog"


Intertextuality of our ideas meet

on a spotless page to indite a

collaborative effort of strange

rhythms and sudden refrains.

Images and idioms speak our

accent. We coach ourselves to

ignore the commentators. In an

ecosystem of unequal genii, we

are happy to exist. To be is to

bloom. The rest is contextual.

© Sanjeev Sethi

SANJEEV SETHI is the author of three well-received books of poetry. His most recent collection is This Summer and That Summer(Bloomsbury, 2015). His poems are in venues around the world: Off the Coast, Drunk Monkeys, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, New English Review, Red Wolf Journal, Futures Trading, Right Hand Pointing, The Blue Mountain Review, The Penwood Review, Squawk Back, The Five-Two, W.I.S.H. Press, Easy Street, Mad Swirl, Novelmasters, Zarf Poetry, Scarlet Leaf Review, The Ofi Press Literary Magazine, Expound Magazine, Postcolonial Text, Otoliths, and elsewhere. He lives in Mumbai, India.

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