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A Poem by Lucia Walton Robinson: "Unexpected Jesus"

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Unexpected Jesus

It’s Quiet Day in Lent,

a time of meditation

on texts our priest reads

every hour. Sun slanting

through windows breathes

soft music of masts

rocking in tangent


At noon bell

we reach for brown bags,

leave the cool sanctuary.

Warm April air caresses,

a breeze off the Gulf

invites us, but beyond

wrought-iron benches

Jesus is sleeping

on sunbaked cement

at the foot of the cross

that beckons boaters

on the Sound.

Breathless, we resume

our fast from speech, begin

tiptoeing back inside,

but the bearded, bronzed

young man in holey jeans,

shirtless and sandaled,

has heard and rises,

makes to leave, then finds

himself surrounded,

fed–not loaves and fishes,

but sandwiches and brownies

by women who’ve vowed

to seek Him in every person.

It’s not always this easy.


Lucia Walton Robinson is a born-again Episcopalian filled with gratitude for salvation.

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