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A Poem by Ruth C. Rehberg: "Supply the Need"

Pixabay Stream


The value of quiet,

and a quiet place,

where the body and

depleted soul

can droop in privacy;

free of stressed surroundings,

ready to be replenished.

We are a dry well sensing

peace beginning to trickle

in… this is invaluable.

Perhaps a gushing will come

now and then,

but a meandering little stream

will supply the need now.

Stop, look for it, go,

then wait…

In the absence of tumult

that still Presence

will level your being.



again, and again,

world without end.

Ruth C. Rehberg

Ruth C. Rehberg lives with her family in the hills of western Wisconsin,

daily reveling in the bounty of beauty around her Garden Valley home.

Some of her happiest moments involve walking the roads and woods,

scooting on her petunia-pink moped, porch-sitting every minute possible,

breathing in the joy of the twilight-golden hour, and reading until her

eyes can’t stay open.

Gratitude to God for the beauty of the earth is her life’s work.

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