A Poem by Eduardo Escalante: "An instance of myself"

An instance of myself

In a corner of the house, a book containing a fragment of Dante addressed to the universe, the questions he asked himself [an after write]?. I ask myself, can we not take more account of the actual world? I walk ashore during dusk without shadows, a drawing of earth records a space, unfolds in a line left by the horizon or perhaps the drawer of my memory opens. Dawn is possible, the dream, the truth of slow breathing changes the light of this moment so saline and bitter, I breathe the moisture of twilight.

© Eduardo Escalante

Eduardo Escalante is a writer and researcher living in Valparaíso, Chile; he has been published regularly in Hispanic reviews (Signum Nous, Ariadna, Nagari, Espacio Luke, Lakuma Pusaki, Aurora Boreal, among others) and is also published in Spillwords, Slamchop, Writers Resist, Constellations, Peacock Journal, and Adelaide.

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