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A Poem by Bruce Mundhenke: The Garden

garden pathway, image by Michael Drummond, on Pixabay

The Garden

There were trees in the garden,

They flourished in the wind,

Placed there with love,

Each to the others companion and friend.

Heavenly dew on their branches,

Not a raindrop yet had come,

Their joy was exceedingly full,

Knowing where they were from.

As yet there was no time,

Past and present were one,

Endless euphoria...

No evil had been done.

And they knew the Ancient One,

He walked often in that grove,

They loved and were loved in perfect love,

And none with another strove.

Some still visit the garden,

For a brief time now and then,

And all of us long for the Ancient One,

He will walk among us again.

~Bruce Mundhenke

(Published previously in Dead Snakes magazine, which closed June 28, 2016).

Bruce Mundhenke

Bruce Mundhenke has worked a laborer and a registered nurse.

He writes poetry in Illinois, where he lives with his wife and their

dog and cat. He finds in nature beauty, inspiration, and revelation.

He has published fiction and poetry in the U.S. and the UK.

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