Paintings by Marie Massey

detail of Carmel Splash, by Marie Massey

Red Creek, by Marie Massey

Winter River, by Marie Massey

Mission Courtyard, by Marie Massey

Award-winning artist, Marie Massey, has been painting professionally for 19 years and

teaching the "Painting in Layers" method for 7 years to adults working in oil and acrylic.

Marie founded the Central Coast Plein Air Painters (CCPAP), a group of 380 plus artists

living and working on California's Central Coast. Marie's paintings have been juried into

more than 130 National and Regional shows where they have won many awards, including Best of Show. She writes, “I am inspired by the quiet meandering of a river, the vastness

of a desert gorge, or the way afternoon sun lights the curve of an arch.” Her website is:

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