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Aging: a poem by R.T. Sedgwick

man paddling a light, bright blue kayak, the water is shiny silver with some darkness, image by Nowaja, on Pixabay

man rowing a kayak, image by Nowaja, on Pixabay


After the green

waters of youth

have thrust you

over the dam

that holds back

the reservoir

of blue settle

into your little

gray boat pick up

the oars and row


R.T. Sedgwick has published several books

of poetry, including The Sky Is Not the Limit, Clipping the Wings of Chronos, and Left

Unlatched in hopes that you’ll come in…

(winner of the San Diego Book Award). He

also authored and co-authored numerous

reports and papers during his career as

a scientist, from which he has now retired.

He lives in Southern California and is active

with his poetry writing as well as spending

time with family and friends.

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