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Beauty of the Mystery/La Beauté du Mystère: poem by Roodly Laurore, translat. by Jerrice J. Baptiste

Stained glass church window, a black cross on bright panels of orange, red. yellow, purple, and blue, image by Ingrid Bischler, on Pixabay, modified.

church window, image by Ingrid Bischler,

on Pixabay, modified

Beauty of the Mystery

Universe bears witness to its

holy and pure nature.

Author of life and being, wonderful

unexplainable, unexplained energy.

Bearer of light and darkness,

perfect balance that harmonizes.

His presence in every element.

Flowers, symbols of love,

cause joy in wise hearts.


La Beauté du Mystère (The original poem in French)

L’univers témoigne sa nature

sainte et pure.

L’auteur de la vie et de l’être,

énergie merveilleuse

inexplicable, inexpliquée.

Porteuse de lumière et d’obscurité.

l’équilibre parfait qui harmonise.

Sa présence dans chaque élément.

Les fleurs, symboles de l’amour,

provoque la joie dans les coeurs avisés.

Roodly Laurore was born and raised in Haiti. He

is an engineer and poet. His poems are published in Kosmos Journal, Autism Parenting Magazine, Solstice Literary Magazine, The New Verse News, Synchronized Chaos, Jerry Jazz Musician, and other journals. He enjoys writing poetry in French and Haitian Creole. Roodly's Christian faith is a light to all who know him.

Jerrice J. Baptiste, translator & Mr. Laurore’s niece,

is an author of eight books. She is extensively published in journals and magazines such as

The Banyan Review, The New Verse News,

About Place Journal, Kosmos Journal. She has

been nominated as Best of the Net by Blue Stem

for 2022. She loves to play the role of translator.

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1 Comment

The word mystery intrigued me, but the poem captivated me. This is a stunning expression of God's persona.

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