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Chef Willing: two poems by Joe Bisicchia

Photo: a bowl of delicious-looking soup which includes carrots, potatoes, parsley, and there are two slices of bread cut from a whole loaf, image by ivabalk, on Pixabay.

soup and bread, image by ivabalk, on Pixabay


Simple is this prayer to pray.

Let it be what I do as I breathe.

Let it be my connection to You.

Let it be my lifeline to You.

From the intricate maze of my soul,

yes, yet ever simply simple.

Let it be heart to Sacred Heart.

Be near, as my words are near

where the heart and heart are.


You are here, O Lord.

Here, where colors rhyme.

Here, as light propels

and pierces the prism.

You love me.

You truly love all of us.

You are Love, ever near.

Here, we now timelessly are.

Allow me now to share with You

what I shall properly say,

with others as this poetry they read,

and I shall say it simply

and I shall say it with all my need

as I miraculously, routinely breathe.

And say it with no end.

My Lord and my God,

I love You, and I breathe it again.

Forever, let us be this simple poetry

through all the colors of paradise,

as we walk the green valley

of everyday life,

the way by heart.

Here where Love is You, and You are.


Chef Willing

So many names and titles

are far off from Truth.

World’s best coffee,

Home of the Original Whatever.

Here, at this place, this Chef is Truth.

Can’t fathom the Face or the Figure

back in the kitchen, but somehow do.

My many dining companions,

I certainly know and enjoy.

Know waitresses. The busboy.

Know the carrots and use of spinach

and every entre and side dish.

But somewhere behind the door,

there’s the generous Chef.

Been eating here for years.

Have learnt a trust and

have been well fed,

dinner from lunch from breakfast.

Yes, blessed.

And, somewhere

making it all happen, ever tireless,

there’s one mighty good Chef.

By mercy and grace,

I look forward to the day we meet

at last, Face to face.

God willing.


Joe Bisicchia, an Honorable Mention recipient for the Fernando Rielo XXXII World Prize for Mystical Poetry,

has written four published collections of poetry. Also,

he has written over two hundred fifty individual works that have been published in over one hundred publications.

To see more of his work, visit

(December 2023 issue)

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1 comentario

17 dic 2023

"Pray" brings tears to my eyes. Praise the Lord.

Me gusta
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