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Frost: a poem by Maria Justa Polotan

Silhouette, photo of a woman, alone, outdoors with beige background and light in the distance, image by Phạm Quang Hoàn , on Pixabay, slightly modified.

woman, alone, image by Phạm Quang Hoàn


It is cold outside your door where I stand.

I try to see the warmth through your window,

But there is only an empty fireplace

And ashes where once a fire glowed.

Did it burn itself out, unattended

By a heart who couldn’t care less?

Or did you not want to light it

For the cold was a more welcome guest?


Maria Justa Polotan is semi-retired music teacher. 

Music and writing have been the twin passions of her

life since high school, but she could choose only one

to focus on in college and chose the former.  She wrote

very sparingly since graduating, but when the pandemic

and consequent lockdown came, the "work from home schedule" gave her a lot of free time, so she decided

to pick up the pen once more.

October 2023 Issue

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