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Good Citizen: poem by John Szamosi

Abstract image of brightly colorful, slender tubes of light, diagonal, mostly blue, and green, a few yellow, a little bit of red, with bits of black background showing through, image by Dimitris Christou, on Pixabay, slightly modified.

image by Dimitris Christou, on Pixabay, slightly modified

Good Citizen


At the national park the number of guests maximized, 

we’re good people, environmentally, socially conscious, 

and governance, advanced word!, is our creed. 


At Michelin stars you send back the $280 steak, 

it’s medium not medium-rare, 

the all-thumbs cook gets thumbs down and fired 

but that helps increase the fluidity of the economy.


John Szamosi is a wordsmith and peace activist

who has published several short stories, satire,

and poems in print and online magazines, including

Satire, Saturday Evening Post, Readers Digest,

101 Words, 50-Word Stories, and Six Sentences.

March 2024 issue

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