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Heart: a "Cento" Poem

hearts, image by Pezibear, on Pixabay


A cento is a poem made from lines written by other poets. To me, it is a way of remembering the poems and honoring the poets. With respect and gratitude, here is a cento composed from lines by each writer who contributed to this issue.



I walk across the afternoon,

people... carry in their faces their realities,

the child-heart in me cries,

all those unwanted memories.

Frail soul, I know my Savior, God hears my sighs,

but when her heart...

how many times must I say no to my heart?

I... find You tucked in the folds of my heart,

touching a beating heart with unseen hands,

prayer true as the bamboo,

my dialog with You.

God put the desire in my heart,

touches our hearts,

I... opened my desperate heart and sought His mercy,

red torrents of forgiveness—as His heart went supernova.

These days, I live closer to the river,

a few knickknacks and family photos.

Beauty... overflows

toward the heart’s unravished harvest.

In the silence of the heart,

my heart said, You.


(A “cento” composed of lines from Matthew J. Andrews, Edilson A. Ferreira,

Isabel Chenot, Bobbi Sinha-Morey, Lucia Walton Robinson, Bevan Boggenpoel,

Mark Weinrich, Kate Copeland, Martina Gallegos, John Mannone, Nolo Segundo,

Jonel Abellanosa, EG Ted Davis, Janine Pickett, Cindy Bousquet Harris,

Juan Pablo Mobili, Steven Croft, Bruce Mundhenke, Natalie Lester, and Hiromi Yoshida.)

(Arranged by C. B. Harris)

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