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Living by the River Styx: by Juan Pablo Mobili

boat, image by pasja1000, on Pixabay

Living by the River Styx

I often listen to people who speak movingly

about forging a legacy, intent on being remembered

for their good choices, their noble acts.

I only hope to remain among the ones assigned

to “remembering duty,” especially now that

wisdom has reached up to my ankles,

and so much repair is needed after the latest fire

ravaged our roof, or fearing another storm would come,

so worried for all the frightened newborn calves.

These days, I live closer to the river where people,

I’m told, stand waiting to sail away from this world.

I never stare but watch their faces, some are so pleased,

and others seem stunned with the news of their departure.


Juan Pablo Mobili was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina,

and is an adopted son of the city of New York. The son

of a teacher and a poet, what he loves and what troubles him as a citizen of one family and two countries bears its presence in his work. His poems have been published,

or are forthcoming, in The Journal of American Poetry,

The Worcester Review, First Literary Review-East, The Red Wheelbarrow Review, Mason Street Review, and the New Feathers Anthology, among others. In addition to that, his

poetry received an Honorable Mention by the International Human Rights Art Festival, and nominations for the  Best of the Net 2020 Anthology and a nomination for The Pushcart Prize. He also co-wrote a chapbook of poems in collaboration with Madalasa Mobili, Three Unknown Poets, published by Seranam Press.

August 2021 issue

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Aug 29, 2021


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